What is an Online Code Signing and How Does It Work?

If you have been developing drivers or other executables, at some point you will need to get them digitally code signed before they can be sold to your customers.

Of course, you can do this yourself. As it does require going through a lengthy certification process in order to be able to do so, however, it usually makes more sense to pay an online code signing certificate service to do it instead.

What is online code signing? — This simply means that you upload the files you need code signing to a server that is run by an independent company. That company then digitally guarantees that the files are safe and secure by adding a code signature to the file.

The files can then be sold to a customer, secure in the knowledge they will not have any security problems when they start to install them on their computers.

How does online code signing usually work? — This really is a simple process that anyone can do.

Just find an online code signing service that offers what you need at an affordable price. Then you only need to upload the files that you need digitally signing to their servers. Most of them will have a website where you can do this.

Unless your files are very large, this should only take a couple of minutes. While the service is checking the files and then digitally signing them, you will then be asked to pay for the service. This can be done via credit card.

Within five to 10 minutes of uploading the files, and a couple of minutes after paying, your files will be ready to download.

Once downloaded, you can now go on and sell your products, knowing your clients will be happy with the secure files they received.

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